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modus vivendi


When a society is unified, it is full of energy and creativity. When the world is divided, it becomes nonviable as a result.
At the dawn of civilization, our humankind was united, spoke the same language and had a common intellectual power. And this power could directly affect the development of the entire universe.
In the unity with the noosphere, the information field of the Earth, our ancestors created a paradise reality and they existed in it until the mass segregation of the peoples, primarily caused by the differentiation of consciousness.
The differentiation of all the spheres of life has led to a loss of a state, which historians call the Golden Age of humankind.
Modern Society lives in different conditions. Noosphere is seriously ill, and social madness is growing.
In the agony of earth-consciousness the hell is waiting for people, which no one can resist separately. It will happen if the world did not begin the process of conscious integration, combining abilities and capabilities of different people for the great purpose — the safety of life, recreation of paradise on the earth and return to the inhabited space.
What is life? Life is the presence of consciousness, 710495_040413_29_ArtFile_ruintellect. Death is the absence of mind. Today, the process to positive integration is reasonable. Let us develop The Territory Of Consensus together.




Dear indifferent inhabitants of the earth! As you can see, our governments because of various reasons, can not find a common language. If you do not want to die in the third world war, we must help them to negotiate.
We encourage citizens of all the countries to join the international social movement «Earth — The Territory of Consensus «. We offer to create action groups with the same name, to work actively in social networks and the Internet with like-minded people from different countries.
Our task is to demonstrate to governments the desire of ordinary people to live and their willingness to go to the co-existence in the model of international integration and social positive attitudes.
Our goal is to restore the unity of the planetary noosphere, to update to the state of the global reality of Paradise Morning.
It will happen only if the people on the planet want it.